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Electricity: Shocking Electricity bill raises questions

After a successful pilot project, we were asked to examine the high electricity costs of an IT systems integrator operating from several sites.

Profit Booster Methodology tracks meter malfunction

The site was a sub 100KW user. This was significant from the point of view of the tariff structure as well as the way we approached the problem. We produced a building profile from the archived electricity invoices and recognised an Available Capacity issue. Our investigations, interviews with suppliers and data from the building profile, showed a meter had started to mis-record consumption two years earlier and pushed the Availability Capacity up to a very high level which affected the charges made. The Profit Partnership spotted it and immediately negotiated a refund of £11,000. The tariff was re-negotiated. All with minimum disruption to the client.


Immediate refund of £11,000, Compensation of £2,000, Profit enhancement of £10,000

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