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Stationery: Up to 75% reduction on individual stationery lines.

A national, multi-site Housing Association was spending £85,500 annually on stationery from a sole supplier. The Client wanted more control over its costs and asked us to see what could be done.

Profit Booster Methodology passes ‘best value’ audit test

The Profit Partnership used a detailed analysis to reveal where savings could be made and future use monitored. Our business processes were subjected to rigorous testing and we were shown to be totally independent, transparent and that all savings were proven and supported by the Association ’s ‘best value ’ audit. After review, four companies were invited to tender. The incumbent supplier’s reduction of 15% was beaten by another company ’s 25%reduction. Our Post Implementation Audit now tracks the use of 180 items every quarter and makes it easy for the Housing Association to monitor its stationery usage.


Cost of individual lines reduced b as much as 75% Annual reduction in costs of approximately 25%. Direct £22,000 addition to the Association ’s profitability.

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