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Telecoms: Make money on the phone without selling a thing!

An IT company operating across a number of sites had hundreds of employees making calls.

Profit Partnership challenges Telecoms supplier records

Through detailed analysis we identified a number of questionable charges. Our expert knowledge of the telecoms market provided the solution. The company realised that our detailed negotiations would not involve itself or cause disruption.
We knew that the telecoms supplier maintained information about our client on three separate databases that were not integrated. Based on our enquiries we were able to present to the telecoms provider the telecoms provider our detailed analysis seeking a sizeable refund. They accepted our findings. This began a process that ultimately led to a very substantial refund of £90,000 plus a goodwill payment of £9,500.


£26,000 for charges on circuits that the telecoms provider had already replaced. Over £33,000 from discounts not processed by telecoms provider.

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