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Fat Face

"Fat Face doesn’t have utilities specialists in house, so getting The Profit Partnership on board has been a major help in achieving value for money. They scrutinise every bill, which has been a key factor in their ability to save us considerably greater sums than they have invoiced us over the last few years.

“They have also given us great help with tendering and we now have far better contracts, leading to considerable savings on both electricity and gas bills, across our portfolio of 180+ stores. Overall, their support over the years has been invaluable – from vetting bills, changes of tenancy agreements and changes of suppliers through to advising us of market trends. We’ve also moved to green energy in line with our ethical goals. They aren’t just a utility procurement and vetting company – they are a true utility partner." Robert Moore, Property Manager, Fat Face

Knellwood Residential Care home for the elderly

"Derrick Sequeira and The Profit Partnership provide a friendly service that is also very informative. They have never put any pressure on us but they have already produced some very favourable results. For instance, within 80 days of the date when we first engaged The Profit Partnership, they managed to win us a massive refund from our current and previous electricity suppliers. This was backdated to 2001 and was achieved without breaking the contractual terms of our existing agreement." – John Campbell, Bursar and Company Secretary, Farnborough (War Memorial) Housing Society Ltd


"The Profit Partnership has acted as our procurement consultant for the last three years. Over this period, they have consistently saved us significant amounts of both time and money. We don’t have to worry about any billing issues as they take care of them for us when they validate our invoices. They provide us with detailed reports that have all the data we need to make well-informed decisions about our expenditure – such as costings and the different options we could choose – and they will discuss all of these with us. They provide a professional service that is compatible with our own, so we are also more than happy to recommend them to our clients." - Jeffrey Smith, Managing Partner, Eacotts Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisors and Audit Service

"Everyone at The Profit Partnership is friendly and responsive. They have helped us with different aspects of our telephony, including a number of office relocations. They listen carefully to our needs; they act upon my instructions very quickly; and they often come back with additional suggestions.

They have helped us in many different ways: for example, by increasing our telecoms capacity by installing extra broadband lines; by facilitating an agreement with another company for our telephony billing rates; and by playing a very proactive role in helping us to successfully resolve a query with a leading telecoms organisation. Overall, they are willing, helpful and approachable. They deal with requests in a timely manner and have given us consistently good levels of customer service over the years. – Colin Young, Senior Manager HR/Facilities, MCR, Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Specialist

Sutton Valence School

"We have been using The Profit Partnership for the past 14 years. Right from the start, they negotiated a refund of over £3,000 for us. They are a very responsive company and provide a personal service. We trust them and have confidence that they’re always acting in our interest.

We engage them to look at potential cost reductions and also to renegotiate our electricity bills. I recently rang them with a billing query – and they not only looked at it but spoke to the company and sorted it out. They know the business and they know the right people to contact in order to deal with any issues that arise. They don’t just provide a basic service – they’re always ready to go the extra mile." – Andrew Hutchinson, Bursar, Sutton Valence School

Young & Co's Brewery

"We have used The Profit Partnership for about eight years. They provide us with help with our gas bills. They have been very helpful throughout and have also been very useful when we have been pricing new contracts. They have a lot of experience in this area and have always offered us good advice. When we have new accounts, they help us to set them up quickly and efficiently – which is important as we are often on heavy tariffs at the beginning.

Derrick and his team have a very good understanding of our business and they have given us some excellent pointers to various other cost improvements we could make. They are very quick, very efficient and very effective." – David Cunningham, Financial Controller, Retail, Young & Co.’s Brewery



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